On the 41st International Hanseatic Days, within the framework of the project HANSEartWORKS, an exhibition of artists from Hanseatic cities will be organized for the fifteenth time, the message of which in Riga will be Hanseatic New Gold. The exhibition will emphasize the values of modern and historical Hanseatic cities in order to talk about today’s values within the International Hanseatic League and to show the importance of contacts and communication between Hanseatic cities. Trade, as a unifying link, has always meant communication, negotiation and various forms of mutual agreement, both in old times and today.

The purpose of the Exhibition is to promote creativity, to summarize the distinguishing and unifying in the vision of Hanseatic values today. With their works, the artists are invited to engage in a dialogue on the images and symbols of the Hanseatic cities today, to discover common, modern and human values, and to reflect what we can offer today in the global world as a value instead of gold.

More detailed information about the exhibition, competition regulations and how to apply can be found here .

Exhibition venue: Riga Art Space exhibition hall in Riga. Free entrance during Hanseatic Days from 20.08.2021 to 22.08.2021 as one of the central events of the Hanseatic Days. Exhibition will be open for visitors until 19.09.2021.

HANSEartWORKS contact person in Riga: Alise Anna Sondore, project head at Riga Art Space exhibition hall, e-mail: makslastelpa@riga.lv.

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