Hanseatic Market

The Hanseatic League and trade have always been closely linked. The Hanseatic Market is the central axis of the annual program of international Hanseatic Days. In it, visitors of the Hanseatic Market - residents and guests - can get information about the various Hanseatic cities, their most interesting sights, as well as current and upcoming events.

In addition, market visitors have the opportunity to taste and buy a variety of treats offered by Hanseatic cities from Germany, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Russia and other countries, including Latvia, as well as view demonstrations of the making of various traditional crafts and have the opportunity to purchase these handicrafts.

Structure and construction of Hanseatic Market:

Information will be made available when registering respective city’s participation.

Working hours of Hanseatic Market: 

Friday, August 20 10:00-20:00 (official opening 11:00)

Saturday, August 21 10:00-20:00

Sunday, August 22 11:00-16:00


In case of any questions, please send e-mail to: hanza2021@riga.lv

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