youthHansa is the youth organization of the League of Hanseatic Cities (DIE HANSE), which aims to exchange young people's views and experiences, implement specific projects and support Hanseatic ideas, in particular by promoting communication between young people from different Hanseatic cities. youthHansa strives for a better link between the League of Hanseatic Cities and the youth of these cities. Within the framework of the International Hanseatic Days, the implementation of a youth program is ensured each year by gathering 16-26 year-old delegates from member cities.

The theme of youthHansa at the 41st International Hanseatic Days in Riga will combine the cultural and historical heritage of the Hanseatic League and the modern challenges of the cities of the Baltic Sea region (climate change, urban and water interaction, smart cities, etc.).

As part of the program, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the history of Riga and engage in intercultural dialogue activities, participate in thematic workshops on topical issues and spend active time together with delegates from other cities.

The creators of the program are young Riga residents, who are supported by the municipality and the youthHansa Commission.

If you come from an Hanseatic city and want to become part of youthHansa, contact your municipality to find out how it selects youthHansa delegates.

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