Even if the program of the 41st International Hanseatic Days consists mainly of online events: If the epidemiological situation improves significantly in August, you are welcome to visit Riga individually!

The Hanseatic Days 2021, which is due to take place in Riga, one of the largest and most historically significant cities of the Hanseatic League, invites guests from all Hanseatic cities to pull a net from across the Baltic and North Seas to share their crafts, trade ideas, and artistic activities with other guests, so that freedom, the smell of the salty sea air and the rhythms of the red bricks of the city walls make you feel at home here and make new friends, new partners and find new markets, while at the same time offering something a different but still recognizable. To not only be a market intermediary, but a creator of a product. To not only learn new skills, but teach your skills to others. Maintain a tradition that makes the fair colorful with songs and dances. Combine culture and money, while giving the market its own cultural layer. Meet with those you are already acquainted with and new guests.

See you in Riga on the shores of the Daugava!

Union of Cities The Hansa
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