Hanseatic Market

Hanseatic Market
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The Hanseatic League and trade have always been closely linked. The Hanseatic Market is the central axis of the annual program of International Hanseatic Days. Based on the Hanseatic free trade phenomenon, this year six Latvian Hanseatic cities - Riga, Limbaži, Kuldīga, Cēsis, Straupe and Koknese in four locations in the center of Riga - Town Hall Square, at the foot of St. Peter's Church, Vērmane Garden, and Esplanade, you will arrive with a cultural and trade offer based on Hanseatic values, typical of your city.

From handicrafts to modern exquisite culinary masterpieces, from city-specific souvenirs to exciting tourist routes, from ancient writings to future investment offers, absolute freedom will rule at the Hanseatic Market that will allow visitors to experience the face of free-trade of every Latvian Hanseatic city seven centuries after the creation of the Hanseatic League.

For the visitor's attention

Photographhy and filming will take place at the event. By attending the event, you consent to the processing of your personal data.

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