Open-air exhibition Path of the Hansa

Open-air exhibition Path of the Hansa
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11. novembra krastmala

The open-air exhibition hall in the pedestrian zone of the November 11 Embankment between the statue of St Christopher and the Akmens Bridge is an unprecedented open-air exhibition project in the capital, which will combine three exhibitions during the Hanseatic Days.

The ensemble of environment objects by scenographer Kristaps Skulte and director Kārlis Anitens called Hansa Vector in Riga will tell about the key to Riga's success in the Hanseatic League in an attractive way - the crossroads of waterways and roads. The central objects of the exhibition - stylized sailboats from the Daugava will continue their journey by land, in addition, visitors will be able to read the names of other cities represented in the Hanseatic Days, arranged in chronological order of the cities' accession to the Hanseatic League. Stylized sailboats from the November 11 Embankment will continue their way on land to many places within Old Riga, as well as mark the way to the open-air exhibition hall.

More than half of the 90 cities represented at the 41st International Hanseatic Days have participated in the creation of the infographic exhibition Hanseatic Cities together with computer artist Artis Vilks. In the visually and content-eclectic kaleidoscope characteristic of infographics, it will be possible to get acquainted with the growth of Hanseatic cities during its existence, discover both the oldest building in the city, the population of the city 500 years ago and today, the most popular export goods during the Hanseatic League, the number of public transport lines, the most popular snacks today and much, much more.

The Lübeck stand exhibition called The Road to Fair Hanseatic Trade tells the story of Hanseatic history and the transformation of the Hanseatic trade idea over the centuries into the idea and practice of fair trade today. The exhibition will clearly show how the historic Hanseatic League has been organized for centuries and how merchants have successfully traded with each other over long distances. Was everything fair at the time? And how does this happen today? The Fair Hanseatic Project (Germany) has set up an exhibition to explore these issues. Since the founding of the international union of cities Die Hanse in 1980, the Hanseatic spirit has come to life every year during the annual International Hanseatic Days and local Hanseatic festivals. The topic of "fair trade" has been on the Hanseatic agenda since 2014. As it happened, what exactly does fair trade mean and what can be affected globally if the Hanseatic cities stand up for fair trade - these are the main questions this exhibition asks.

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The open-air exhibition will be open from August 19, 2021, to August 29, 2021.

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Photographhy and filming will take place at the event. By attending the event, you consent to the processing of your personal data.

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